Welcome, Benvenuto, Hej, Willkommen, Bienvenu, Ahoj, Bienvenido, etc.

Hi!  I’m Lizzie.  Welcome to my blog.  Please, take off your shoes, make yourself comfortable, take a look around.  Unfortunately, there’s not much to see just yet because I just started this bad boy.  But fear not!  Soon it will be full of projects, published articles, unpublished articles, random thoughts that are easier for me to express in writing — the works!  Some posts will be specifically related to my multiplatform journalism class and others will be thoughts I have about whatever happens to be going on in the world.  I’m hoping that my work will prove to be interesting, entertaining and keep you coming back for more.

For now, please enjoy this photo of me wearing a giant sombrero a giant sombrero wearing me.


Thanks for stopping by!


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