10 awesome people I follow on Twitter (who you should check out, too!)

1) Ari Shapiro


Ari Shapiro is an NPR White House correspondent who also appears on Morning Edition.  I like his Twitter feed because it always has a good variety of information.  Sometimes he live tweets from events and interviews, sometimes he links up to his NPR stories, sometimes he shares non-NPR related tweets and, most importantly, he takes the time to interact with his followers.  One of my dream jobs is to work for NPR someday, so he’s a great person to follow for that reason, as well!

2) Chris McDaniel

Chris is somewhat similar to Shapiro, because he also works for public radio.  However, I like to follow Chris because his Twitter feed is mostly filled with stories centered around St. Louis, and I have to stay informed with the political happenings in my current home sweet home!  I originally chose to follow him because I saw he worked on the Beyond November project — something that some of my co-workers contributed to when I interned at the St. Louis Beacon.  It was a really cool project, so I figured Chris must be pretty cool, as well.

3) Mignon Fogarty


Mignon Fogarty, aka Grammar Girl, is one of my favorite people that I follow because she’s one of the few people in the world I’ve found that loves editing and correcting grammar mistakes as much as I do!  As a copy editor, I find myself checking her Grammar Girl website whenever I’m unsure about a tricky rule.  Eventually, I decided it would be smart to follow her on Twitter, as well.  Her Twitter feed is unique, because she’s constantly updating it with new grammar rules and links back to longer articles on her website.  She’s also great about interacting with her followers and answering their questions — the first time I ever tweeted at her, she tweeted right back!

4) Paul from West Wing Reports

I started following this Twitter a long time ago on an older account and it’s one of the few I was adamant about following when I switched to a new Twitter profile, because it is so  informative and always kept up-to-date.  I’m working on a minor in political science and have always had a strong interest in political reporting, and this Twitter feeds is constantly updated with all the happenings surrounding the president.  Paul tweets and retweets regular news updates, but he also always seems to have the inside White House scoop that I cannot find on most news stations’ Twitter profiles.

5) Mike Reilley from Journalist’s Toolbox


Mike Reilley is a professor at DePaul University who put together an extremely informative website dedicated completely to tips for journalists.  I love his Twitter because he is constantly updating it with new material — whether it is AP Style tips, articles regarding the newest technology that journalists should take advantage of or advice about how to advance your career in journalism.  He’s definitely a great resource!

6) The Weatherbird from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch

The Weatherbird is not only an adorable little creature, but he’s always in the know about what’s happening in St. Louis.  I like to follow him because he gives a good overview about the most relevant stories currently appearing in the Post or on the newspaper’s website.  It’s much more efficient than following a person from each section of the paper.  Plus, he always has the fastest weather updates, and he once tweeted me back!  #birdfame

7) Anthony Bourdain


Anthony Bourdain is not necessarily a typical journalist, but he is still a story-teller and sort-of-journalist in his own unique way.  I love travel and hope to one day pursue a career that would allow me to travel the globe, and for now, I live vicariously through Bourdain.  I originally followed him because I love his travel shows, and I’ve found that his tweets are always intriguing and different than most anyone else you’d encounter on Twitter.

8) Jay Carney

As White House press secretary, Jay Carney obviously has the most accurate and up-to-date information about any decisions or events involving the president.  His Twitter is a bit more tame and perhaps censored since it is an official White House Twitter account, but it’s pretty cool to be able to get real-time information from the White House press secretary, and it’s very helpful for someone like me who is interested in political PR and journalism.

9) Anderson Cooper


Anyone who follows news know that Anderson Cooper is nearly always one of the first people covering breaking news, and I can usually count on him to provide accurate information.  He tends to be a reporter who likes to get right in the thick of things, and he’s really good about sharing that through his Twitter, whether it is through short updates, photos or videos.  In my opinion, he is currently one of the most recognizable and powerful faces in news and, therefore, a great person to follow on Twitter.

10) Gene Myers

Gene Myers is the sports editor for the Detroit Free Press, my hometown newspaper, and also someone I know personally through family and friends.  Not only is he a seasoned journalist and editor, but he is especially helpful to follow because he has never-ending knowledge about all things sports.  I’m trying to boost my sports writing and editing skills, so he is a great person to follow for that.  Plus, he always knows what’s going on with the Detroit Tigers, and that’s the most important news, in my mind!

Who do you Twitter-stalk that you think is especially helpful, interesting and worth the “follow?”

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