Music Monday – 2.25.13

I know it’s nearly Tuesday, but that doesn’t have the same ring. Here’s a roundup of my favorite musical happenings of the past week.

3 artists/groups I’m loving right now:

  1. Night Beds — I’m honestly embarrassed I’d never heard of these guys before, because lead singer Winston Yellen’s voice is hauntingly beautiful and soulful, further complimented by the band’s simple but lovely instrumentals. Thank god for NPR Tiny Desk concerts!
    Night Beds: Tiny Desk Concert
  2. The Royal Concept — Well, they’re not French (Swedish, in fact), but these guys remind me a lot of Phoenix and, therefore, I’m falling for them.  The Royal Concept just released their debut EP in 2012, so they don’t have a ton of songs out yet, but enough to tide you over until the new Phoenix album drops in April.
  3. Macklemore — Who doesn’t love Macklemore, honestly?  I’ve been listening to him for awhile, but I never get tired of it.  Last week, I sat down listened to the entirety “The Heist” on two separate occasions.  If you have the time, sit down and listen to the full album all the way through.  In an age where everyone just downloads singles, the art of a well-crafted album seems to be a thing of the past, but “The Heist” flows together so seamlessly.  I can’t get enough.  Though, you’ve probably been bombarded with enough tracks off that album recently, so I’ll leave you with a Macklemore throwback this week: “Love Song.”  The backtrack has that old-school vibe that I can’t get enough of.

In other news, I’m having an intense internal struggle trying to figure out which music festival to attend this summer/how to afford it.
Bonnaroo, Governors Ball, Firefly, oh my!  They all have fairly strong lineups with some overlap.  I’m leaning toward Bonnaroo because I’m still lamenting the fact that I missed such a perfect collection of performers last year.  Plus, it’s free to camp there, and I’m a broke college student.  Thoughts?

In closing, Mondays are rough.  So please enjoy this video of a goat impersonating Taylor Swift.  It’s pretty much spot-on, if you ask me.

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