Creating a compelling story through video

Capturing a story through video instead of the written word is by no means a new concept, but it still seems to be an underutilized medium for most journalists.  On one hand, there is plenty of broadcast pieces found in places like CNN or your local news channel, but outside of televised mainstream news, there isn’t an overwhelming amount of visual storytelling.

It’s understandable that “hard” breaking news is meant to be shared as quickly as possible and, therefore, producing video is not always the best choice, due to time constraints.  However, long-term stories or those that are more human-focused and less news-focused are great candidates for video.

A recent video story that I discovered and love is called “I Like Adoption.”  It’s not necessarily a news story — more like a story sharing the everyday life of one very unique family.  It’s part of a project called “I like ____,” which is an online movement to encourage people to give more through small or large acts of kindness.

Pierre Kattar, an Emmy-winning video journalist for The Washington Post, says that a good video story, though aesthetically pleasing, is driven by audio.  I think this video is a great example of that.  Though there’s a variety of awesome camera shots and visuals, the story is really driven by the words and dialogue layered over those visuals.

This piece does actually what video should do when reporting a story.  It shares the emotion and personality of the people and the subject being covered in a way that wouldn’t necessarily translate as strongly in print.  It’s a great example of how journalists, PR groups or anyone trying to promote a certain cause or share a story can do so in a way that is unique and attractive to an audience.

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